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Case Study



The Used Racking Company

The Used Racking Company is a successful supplier of storage solutions to companies in the UK & Northern Ireland.

Primarily, they use Google AdWords to reach their target market but a single click can cost £14.00.

They were getting customers to their website but drop-out rates were high; their website does not offer e-commerce, so customer details were only gained if a customer completed a contact form, emailed or picked up the telephone.

They approached SixSix 95 and asked them to come up with a solution to increase enquiries and conversion rates.

SixSix 95 implemented the following solution:

  1. Analysed the leading tools to pick the most cost-effective IP identification software, which was WhoIsVisiting. This software can identify the names of the companies who are visiting a website;
  2. Validated the data to ensure they targeted the right person;
  3. Utilised postcards to increase brand awareness (increasing touch points with potential customers) and advertise time-based offers (to encourage customers to purchase)
  4. Implemented targeted email marketing, sending time-based offers by postcard to people who opened the emails

This combination of new and traditional marketing methods proved extremely cost-effective and the results were exceptional, with the client noting:

  • A 15% increase in sales; and
  • A significant increase in the number of enquiries per day.

The Used Racking Company continues to use a combination of Digital (WhoIsVisiting, e-mail marketing) and Print (Postcards) as a core part of their lead generation activities.

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