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e-Mail Marketing



e-Mail Marketing

Turning Emails into Doorways for Profits

In an age where competition exists just about everywhere, your customers can easily turn to other companies for products and services. The key to keeping them? Stay on their radar and don't let them forget you.

Whether you're promoting a new product or service, announcing promotions, or sharing exclusive content, all your email campaigns become another avenue for you to boost sales and generate better customer return rates.

Handling hundreds and thousands of clients under your belt has never been easier

SixSix 95's email marketing platform is a full-service campaign management and creation service that allows you to create and send out amazing emails. What used to take two, three, or five people on a team can now be created by one person.

Together with SixSix 95's lead generation service, we take email marketing to a whole new level. We identify the hottest leads available to you and send the best email campaigns their way. Because we know who they are and what they like, creating a foolproof custom campaign becomes a lot easier.

Now is the time to let your clients know more about you.

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