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Postcard Marketing



Leaving The Right Mark on the Right People

In the age of digital marketing, it seems like traditional marketing techniques no longer have a place in such a fast-paced world. At SixSix 95, we stand by traditional marketing techniques and integrate them with modern ones because we understand that human beings still appreciate custom-made efforts in a world of generalized solutions.

Hoping to make an impression?

Our postcard marketing service is an effective way to leave a mark on potential customers and partners.

Postcard marketing is seen as an outdated avenue for marketing your brand. Thats because most companies think the best way to send out these campaigns is to just aimlessly send them to random offices. Luckily for you, we do not depend on chance. We use modern technology to make sure your postcard reaches the right audience.

Firstly, we create amazing designs that will definitely capture your targets attention. Then, instead of aimlessly shipping your postcards to random offices, our technology identifies the right people, at the right company to contact. By knowing who your target is, it's easy for you to create a lasting impression with potential customers.

Do you have a design that's waiting to be put on paper? Do you have people that you need to impress? Head on to our contact section to start creating quality postcards for your most effective marketing campaign yet.