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Social Media Marketing



Making it Rain with Campaigns

In the world of digital marketing, social media platforms are a great way to boost sales and encourage your company's growth. Bring your brand to the world of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where you will have access to millions of potential followers online.

SixSix 95's social media management gives you premium digital marketing and more. Aside from creating show-stopping profiles, our savvy experts can create viral content to bring more clicks to your page. This means higher rankings in Google, increasing web traffic and visibility.

Turning followers into profits has never been easier

With SixSix 95's social media management specialists, we provide quality content for your social media pages, while keeping them SEO-friendly.

Understand how your ads are performing across several social media platforms through easy-to-digest reports. We provide regular analytics updates so you know which ad campaigns are off the charts and which ones need improvement.

We focus on creating targeted campaigns, tailored to match specific demographics, ensuring that each advertisement, announcement, and promotion reaches the right audience.

Are you ready to change the way you do social media? Visit our Contact page to start creating viral content that will lead to your business' success.