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Designing Page-Turning Sites for Better Profit

A good design is the combination of the perfect words and colors. The perfect design is the combination of style and functionality.

Where most companies offer just beautiful designs, we offer more than just eye-candy. As experts in sales and marketing, SixSix 95 understands the power of beauty and functionality molded into one.

It's more than just matching the right colors with the right looks. With SixSix 95's holistic website design philosophy, you'll never have to sacrifice looks for overall quality. All our websites are fully-operational, created with the best UX and UI in mind to make sure that your next website is engaging, interactive, and profit-driven.

With SixSix 95, you create experiences, not just websites

Your website is your flagship marketing material. The best websites are impactful and standalone, so we create dynamic pages that encourage interaction between your brand and your visitors. Once you get clients through the door, it becomes easier to seal the deal.

In creating your perfect website, we analyze your target market's behavior so we can create designs that appeal best to that demographic. We modify any existing website that you may have to make sure it's the best version of itself.

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