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Website Visitor Tracking



Website Visitor Tracking

Turning Visitors into Customers

If you own a business in the 21st century, chances are you have a website. Using various analytics, you get to know general information about your clients. But why stop here?

The problem: It only gives you lukewarm data, but no quality sales leads. When you are working in a field driven by profits and losses, it's crucial to know the faces behind the clicks, and this is what analytics providers can't give you. They give you statistics, not faces.

SixSix 95's website visitor tracking service gives you the insight your analytics provider can't. Business name, contact information, website behavior - these used to be blind spots in your analytics that will be filled in by our tracking software.

Turn web visitors into partners and clients instantly

Our experts give you the right information so you can boost sales by focusing on crucial leads, instead of wasting time figuring out a general solution. Apply tailored techniques in securing each and every visitor using the specific information that we give you, saving you and your company from wasting important resources.

Why test the waters when you know you're ready to go for a dive?

Contact SixSix 95 about our website visitor tracking service and start turning internet viewers into real life customers today.