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Data Validation & Analysis



Transforming Data into Profits

Every successful business has a client database of their own where hundreds and thousands of key contact information profiles are stored.

Time and money spent sending out campaigns to the wrong emails or calling up non-operational phone numbers is just a waste of resources. It's crucial that your list is clean and stripped of inaccuracies to make sure the right message goes to the right person.

SixSix 95 data validation and analysis provides a full-service diagnostics on your client database to validate your current information and to help you stay connected with the right contacts.

SixSix 95's data services can instantly boost sales by up to 10%

How? Cleaning your contact details is just the first step. Then we analyze the quality of your current leads and let you know which customers are better clients than others, allowing you to boost sales in no time. With us, you learn about your ideal target market and how to engage with them.

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