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Postcard Marketing



Postcard Marketing gets you noticed

At a time when there are so many digital opportunities to get in front of your customers, it seems like traditional marketing mediums no longer have a place. At 6695, we believe in blending traditional and digital to create effective marketing campaigns.

Why use postcard marketing?

When used as part of cross functionaly digital marketing strategy landing a personalised postcard on the desk or doormat of a customer is certainly an effective way to get results!

Isn't postcard marketing just direct mail?

No, not the way we use it for our customers. Firstly, we never advocate sending unsolicited mass mailshots to customers in the hope that they may be interested in your product. It's pointless.

Our approach ensures you only send postcards to prospects who have shown an interest in your product or services. We designintegrated postcard marketing campaigns that respond to people coming to your website via Pay Per Click, Social Media, IP identification and eMail Marketing.

Some campaigns are used for brand awareness while others mix brand awareness with time based offers.

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